Before Your TSA Screening, Check Out These CBD Travel Tips

woman walking with red suitcase

By now, chances are you’ve heard a few news stories about people being arrested for traveling with CBD oil. For instance, Walt Disney World recently made headlines after detaining a great-grandmother traveling with doctor-approved CBD. Despite CBD’s immense popularity, there’s no uniformity on how different states, countries, and (apparently) theme parks treat this substance. To…

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Feeling Free With CBD: How CBD Could Improve Your Independence Day

woman running on beach with american flag

From 1776 onwards, America has been guided by the ideals in the Declaration of Independence: namely, that everyone has the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It’s on the Fourth of July that we celebrate these freedoms and reflect on our past. Even though this year’s festivities might be “socially distant,” that…

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Could CBD Put Insomnia To Bed? – A Quick Look At CBD’s Sedative Potential

Sleep may be a natural part of life — but we’re not living in “natural times.” LED lights and smartphone screens constantly bombard our confused circadian rhythm. Even as the sun sets, more people find it difficult to “unplug” and enter nature’s refresh mode: REM sleep.     A recent Consumer Reports survey found that about 70…

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CBD Troubleshooting – Common Reasons It Isn’t Working For You

So, you’ve just started taking CBD and…nothing’s happening. Don’t feel discouraged; this is a fairly common issue. In most cases, you only have to tweak your routine a bit to start feeling CBD’s effects.   Let’s run through a few of the most common reasons why CBD isn’t working for you and a few simple tricks…

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