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Add Some “Chil” To Your Clinic – Why CBD and Chiropractic Click

If you’re in the chiropractic profession, you’ve probably heard a few patients rave about the many wonders of CBD. When anyone first hears about CBD, it’s easy to dismiss this supplement as just another health fad. However, as more hemp research gets published, chiropractors can no longer ignore the potential benefits CBD could offer their patients. 

Are you considering adding high-quality CBD oil to your chiropractic clinic? Unsure whether this cannabinoid fits into your business? Let’s address some of the critical questions chiropractors often have before adding CBD to their practice.   

Why Are Chiropractic Patients Crazy About CBD?

You’re probably wondering, “can CBD truly enhance my patients’ day-to-day life?” Although there’s still a lot we don’t know about CBD’s effects, many recent studies suggest this cannabinoid is safe and effective against muscle and joint aches. One widely-published study from Cornell University found that CBD pills relieved osteoarthritis symptoms in dogs. Another trial out of the University of Kentucky suggested topical CBD may help ease knee aches. It has also been found that magnesium can help reduce chronic inflammation in patients.

As you can see, the latest scientific evidence suggests CBD could be beneficial for chiropractic patients. Plus, compared with many OTCs, CBD creams could be far safer for patients to use in between visits.   

How Can Chiropractors Tell High-Grade CBD From Snake Oil? 

Now that you’re sold on adding CBD to your clinic, you may be wondering how to choose from the myriad of products online. Not only are there so many brands of CBD to choose from, but there are also countless CBD product variations on the current market. 

Unfortunately, since the FDA doesn’t oversee the manufacture of CBD, this new industry has a Wild West reputation. While there are many reputable CBD vendors, there are also plenty of charlatans who only want to make a quick buck.

The easiest way to vet a prospective CBD company is to check out their Certificates of Analysis (COAs). These third-party lab reports should clearly show you the CBD percentage in your chosen products.  Check out the third-party lab results of our products here.

After looking at these lab reports, it’s essential to ask how your CBD vendor sources its hemp flower. At Chil Wellness, we only use the finest American-grown hemp to produce our full and broad-spectrum creams, tinctures, and capsules. Our team also uses all-natural herbs like Arnica montana and Boswellia serrata along with medical grade magnesium to intensify topicals like our popular Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve

If you’d like to learn more about what sets our CBD apart from the competition, be sure to read through this previous post. You can also find out more about our rigorous screening standards here.

Still Not Sold on CBD? Ask For a Free Sample! 

Over the past few years, we are proud to have shared the healing power of CBD with countless chiropractors and their patients. However, we understand that CBD can seem too good to be true if you haven’t tried it before. That’s why we offer all potential Business Partners a free sample of our best-selling products. Once you see the benefits of CBD first-hand, we know you’ll want to learn more about this incredible compound.   If you’d like to find out more about joining our Business Partner Program, be sure to reach out to sign up on our Business Partner Program page. One of our experts will reach out to you shortly to see if you qualify for a free Partner Sample Kit!


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