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Don’t Get SAD, Get CBD! – Using CBD For Seasonal Affective Disorder

For many Americans, winter is the worst season…and who could blame them? Even during the holiday festivities, Northerners have to contend with dark, short days and bone-chilling temps. Add in
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Kickstart Your Fitness Routine With Cannabidiol – Why You Should Add Some CBD To Your Gym Bag

Since the US government legalized hemp in 2018, pro athletes have become some of CBD’s biggest cheerleaders. Everyone from Mike Tyson to Rob Gronkowski is now touting CBD oil’s miraculous
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CBD Under the Christmas Tree – How CBD Could Help This Holiday Season

If the sight of Santa sends your stress levels soaring through the chimney, then you’re not alone. In fact, recent data suggests at least 25 percent of Americans believe December
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Pumpkin Pie Without the Aches! – How CBD Can Relieve Your Post-Thanksgiving Swelling

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful — but that can be difficult when your body is swelling all over! Unfortunately for many arthritis patients, that’s exactly what happens after
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How Much CBD Do I “Need To Knead”? – An Overview Of Dosing CBD Topicals

So, you’ve just received your Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve in the mail. Congrats! Now you may be wondering how much CBD is enough to aid your muscle discomfort. Truth be
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Could CBD Soothe the Subconscious? – New Research on CBD Oil for Nightmares

Nightmares are frighteningly common in the U.S. According to recent data from SleepEducation.org, at least 50 percent of adults say they experience a few nightmares every month.  Unfortunately, for patients
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