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Could CBD Soothe the Subconscious? – New Research on CBD Oil for Nightmares

Nightmares are frighteningly common in the U.S. According to recent data from, at least 50 percent of adults say they experience a few nightmares every month.  Unfortunately, for patients
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Topical Terminology – What’s The Difference Between CBD Absorption vs. Penetration?

When trying our products for the first time, many new customers are curious about how they work. One of the most common questions we get  is if topical CBD is
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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Our Hydration Drink Mix

Working up a sweat is great for your health — provided you’re drinking plenty of water! There’s no way around it: if you’re not well-hydrated, it’s going to take longer
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Say Goodbye to Back Aches With CBD

If you live in the U.S., chances are you’ve heard this phrase all too often: “ow, my aching back!” According to the Mayo Clinic, 80 percent of Americans will experience
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Smaller Size, Bigger Impact – How Nanotech Might Boost CBD Absorption

When you hear the word “nanotechnology,” chances are you’re thinking of something high-tech like robots or computer chips. Although nanotech plays a significant role in these fields, it’s also reshaping
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Three Stellar Secondary Ingredients That Support Our CBD Salves-Chil Wellness Blog

Three Stellar Secondary Ingredients That Support Our CBD Salves

It’s no secret that CBD is the star ingredient in our product lineup. However, that doesn’t mean our “secondary ingredients” aren’t superstars in their own right! Many of the high-quality
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