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Three Stellar Secondary Ingredients That Support Our CBD Salves

It’s no secret that CBD is the star ingredient in our product lineup. However, that doesn’t mean our “secondary ingredients” aren’t superstars in their own right! Many of the high-quality
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CBD’s “Search For Lost Time” – How Cannabidiol Might Enhance Memory

*Please note the information contained within Chil Wellness sites and publications is for general educational purposes and the research has not been conducted by Chil Wellness.* When you think of
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Mellow Out Before “Manic Monday” – Could CBD Soothe Your “Sunday Scaries?”

It’s no accident that The Bangles and The Mamas & The Papas had chart-topping singles whining about Mondays. Every employee on earth can relate to “Monday malaise.” Indeed, “lunaediesophobia” is
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Defeat Distraction – How CBD Might Improve Focus

Even before COVID-19, workplace distraction has been a significant challenge for modern-day employees. In fact, data out of Plantronics, Inc. found that 99 percent of workers are distracted at some
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Say No To Stay-At-Home Siestas – How CBD Might Help You Conquer Your After-Lunch Slump

You don’t need to be in an office to feel the “afternoon slump.” In fact, many employees report feeling super tired late in the day while working from home. Considering
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Work Hard, Recover Faster– Could CBD Soothe Post-Workout Strains?

Everyone has heard the expression “no pain, no gain,” but is that true? Of course, you won’t get big without tearing down muscle cells, but that doesn’t mean inflammation is
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