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Crushing It With Cannabidiol – Why Our CBD Products Are Perfect for Pro Athletes

CBD products are quickly taking over the wellness industry. And if you're a pro athlete, you may want to consider incorporating them into your routine. Find out how CBD can boost your fitness routine!

Fitness fads come and go, but CBD seems to be sticking around! From soccer and skiing to golf and gymnastics, there are few pro sports that don’t have enthusiastic CBD advocates. For many athletes, CBD is the secret sauce that helps them recover after grueling gym days.


If you frequently struggle with post-workout aches, then CBD may be worth a shot. Please keep reading to find out why so many star athletes are investing in CBD.


Keep Your Muscles Mellow With Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve


The main reason athletes are interested in CBD is simple: they want to speed up their recovery time. Although there’s not a ton of data examining CBD for delayed onset muscle soreness, anecdotal reports strongly suggest it could reduce symptoms like achy joints and muscles.


A meta-analysis published in Sports Medicine suggested CBD might help repair post-workout tissue damage. A study out of the University of Kentucky also suggested CBD topicals helped rats with knee arthritis. While this research is preliminary, it could explain why athletes who train for long-distance events respond well to our CBD products.


For instance, Suunto triathlete Klodian Mitri recently praised our Advanced Relief Bundle. In Mitri’s words, Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-Onhelps with injury prevention and a heightened sense of focus.  I end every workout feeling strong and confident for the next session or race."  


Please remember, we don’t just rely on CBD’s healing potential in our best-selling products . On top of high-quality, hemp-derived CBD, we add loads of supportive herbs like Boswellia serrata, Arnica montana, and chamomile. Each of these all-natural ingredients helps take our Sport Muscle Recovery Balm and Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-On to the next level.


Get Game Day Jitters? We Can Help With That!


It’s not just about post-workout recovery that gets athletes excited about CBD. Many athletes are interested in CBD’s potential anxiety-busting effects.


Just like musicians occasionally get stage fright, sometimes athletes can feel overwhelmed on game day. While a stadium full of fans can be exhilarating, it can also put you under a lot of pressure!


Thankfully, CBD could help quell anxiety without undesirable groggy side effects. We recommend applying our De-Stress Balm Stick to your temples a few hours before it’s game time . The inclusion of herbs like Ylang-ylang, menthol, and eucalyptus are sure to help you stay cool, calm, and centered.


FYI: you don’t have to worry about breaking any rules if you take CBD on game day. The World Anti-Doping Agency officially repealed its ban on CBD oil a few years ago.


Don’t Settle for Silver – Always Go With Superior CBD!


Since CBD is still new to the wellness industry, the FDA still doesn’t oversee the manufacture or sale of hemp-derived goods. Unfortunately, this means there are quite a few frauds selling snake oil with a CBD label.


So, why should you trust us with your hard-earned money? Simple: we send all of our products for third-party lab screenings to verify you’re getting the highest-quality supplements possible. For full transparency, we also publish our Certificates of Analysis on our website. We only use high-quality, naturally-sourced ingredients in all of our salves, tinctures, and capsules.


If you have further questions about our quality standards or product offerings, be sure to check out our informative FAQ page.

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