Healing from The Inside Out

The content of this article was updated from its original date of 6/17/2021


It’s been another busy day taking care of everything in the household and your family, running errands and balancing work. Your body is hurting, you feel more stressed than ever, and you’re exhausted. Unfortunately, so many moms feel this way every day — and it can be difficult to find time to recover!


Studies have shown that pain affects every part of your life, particularly your stress levels and sleep schedule. Recently, scientists have found that women are more likely to be affected by chronic pain, sleep issues and anxiety than men. With everything moms, and women alike, must juggle each day, it’s no wonder that they have a tough time taking care of themselves.


It’s essential for all of us to take time for self-care, especially busy moms. In this blog, we’ll share some straightforward ways you can begin healing from the inside out!


Help Combat Aches With Some H2O 


It’s true: Staying hydrated can keep your aches at bay. For optimal daily hydration, the eight-by-eight rule is widely accepted. This rule states that you should drink eight glasses of water every day before 8 PM. Of course, this can vary from person to person — we are not all the same size. So, as a common rule of thumb, make sure to always have a water bottle or cup on you that makes it fun to hydrate. As an example, drinking out of a straw is so much easier (and more entertaining) than drinking out of a cup the typical way.


Additionally, it’s a common myth that drinking any liquid will help the body get rid of toxins. However, that's not quite right. Drinks with color, flavor or caffeine contain individual substances that inhibit the absorption of toxins. 


When you’re on the go, bring a water bottle with you to ensure your water intake is at a healthy level to get rid of your pain. Want to boost your beverage? We recommend adding our Mellow Mint Drops! Our drops are formulated to help your mind and muscles relax, so you can be there for your family when they need you most. 


No matter how busy moms may get, medical professionals highly recommend regular exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even a simple walk around the neighborhood can stimulate blood flow and increase endorphins, which can help decrease pain levels. Before you exercise, we recommend trying out Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-on for potent relief and recovery!

Avoid Stress and Meditate


Stress is the root of many of our health-related evils. Chronic stress can suppress your immune system and disrupt your digestive system, even your reproductive system.


Moms everywhere can find themselves stressing over their family’s well-being, work, time management and more on a daily basis. While your mind may be running one hundred miles an hour, it’s important for both you and your family to take time to de-stress. 


Meditation has become increasingly popular, and doctors and therapists have been recommending this practice more in recent years. Brown University recently found that women benefit more than men from regular meditation. In this study, many female study respondents saw a decrease in negative emotions after trying meditation.

So how can you incorporate this practice into your busy schedule? It only takes a few minutes each day or week! Simply focusing on your breathing in a quiet space can calm your racing mind in minutes. 


We partnered with our advisor, Anxiety Coach Amanda Huggins, to create an in-depth meditation to help you relax every day. Check it out here!


If you feel yourself stressing about your lengthy list of tasks all day, try our CBD Gummies! We’ve formulated our gummies to support mental wellness with natural ingredients that will help you be the super mom you were born to be. 


Get Plenty of Sleep


It’s not just your mind that benefits from a good night’s sleep. All the other systems in our body largely benefit from rest too. We have all known a mother or two who is extremely deprived of sleep. In fact, the skin under your eyes may give it away more than anything else. 


Occasional sleep issues typically affect women more often than men. For the best sleep schedule, we recommend setting a daily routine to set yourself up for sleep success. Start your mornings with meditation or exercise and end your day screen-free with some simple stretches. Be sure to check out our sleep routine tips in this blog post!


It can be difficult to “go it alone,” which is why we’ve created all-natural products that can give you a hand up to help. To make sure you get plenty of sleep, we recommend trying our Deep Sleep Capsules.


Whatever it takes, be sure to begin to implement these three tips for overall wellness every day. Your body (and your family) will thank you — and your brilliance will shine!

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