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Business Partner Program

Our Easy-To-Use Program to help
support your practice and aid in your patient's treatment at the clinic and in-between visits.

Are you a business that may have patients that ask for advice about their health and wellness needs? Would you like a trusted partner to support your patients with all-natural products for muscle and joint discomfort, both at the clinic and while using them at home in-between visits? Would you like to help with patients’ anxiety and improve their sleep quality with powerful active all-natural ingredients that work to help improve a sense of calmness, sleep and support your body’s ability to soothe discomfort and pain? Would you like to receive a percentage of the sale with a trusted partner? Chil Wellness offers an easy-to-use program that might be right for your business with little or no inventory expense and first-class support.

Our Story

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It all started with Aspen. Our founder’s daughter, Aspen, had unbearable pain in the legs. Soon after, she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and placed on multiple medications that came with a laundry list of side effects.

Chil Wellness founder, Kevin DeMeritt, couldn’t let his daughter suffer, so he began working with scientists, doctors, and farmers to formulate all-natural effective products that would give her relief and restore the joy that pain stole from her. Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve is our flagship product.

Today, twelve years after Aspen’s diagnosis, she is active and healthy. Kevin’s incredible journey to help his daughter has now become a mission to help others. Now, thousands of moms, dads, arthritis patients, weekend warriors, and elite athletes use the same formula for their sore muscles and stiff joints.

How Chil Wellness CBD is different

  • 1. The required amount of CBD / Doctor Formulated 

    In our results with arthritis patients and athletes looking for relief, we found that at least 500mg of CBD per ounce is necessary to be effective in topical applications. That is why all our doctor-formulated topical products contain 500mg per ounce or more.

  • 2. Proprietary Bio-Nano Technology

    Unlike other CBD topicals, our maximum relief salve, roll-on, and sports balm stick are formulated with our proprietary Bio-Nano technology. Our scientists can shrink CBD molecules as small as 125nm using the latest advances in nanotechnology. For reference, that’s 700 times thinner than a strand of hair! By decreasing CBD’s size to these microscopic levels, it’s easier for the CBD to absorb deeper into your skin bind to more CB2 receptors that provide fast, potent, localized relief.

  • 3. Powerful Medical-grade Magnesium

    Our Medical-grade magnesium can penetrate your skin and absorb into muscle tissue and joints to help give you targeted relief. The addition of medical-grade magnesium helps to enhance CBD’s remarkable relief effects. Using magnesium acts like a concentrate Epsom salt bath on your area of discomfort.

***All our products are doctor-formulated, 3rd party tested, organic, and sourced in the USA, including Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve, Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-on, and Sport Muscle Recovery Balm.

A Partnership You can Trust and Be Proud of

Feel confident with the manufacturing and quality of every product. You will have access to our third-party analysis on all products as a Chil Wellness Business Partner. Your customers will be given the same 60-day money-back guarantee as anyone who purchases from Chil Wellness. Apply today to become a Chil Wellness Business Partner.

Doctor Formulated

3rd Party Tested-Chil Wellness

3rd Party Tested

No Artificial Ingredients-Chil Wellness

All-Natural Ingredients

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

How the program works…

  • Refer your customers to Chil Wellness.

    Once signed up, refer your customers to Chil Wellness using your unique discount code or link.

  • When a customer purchases, they receive a 15% discount and you receive a 30% of the sale.

    When one of your customers place an order with your unique link or discount code, they receive a 15% discount on their first order plus FREE shipping. You receive 35% of an initial sale and 30% for future purchases.

  • Track all of your customers inquiry’s and purchases on our PartnerStack application.

    PartnerStack is the application that allows you to connect with the Chil Wellness team, manage your account, and review sales data. You can log in and view your sales progress at any time.

Program Benefits

Full Support

Get your questions answered quickly with priority. Whether you have questions about supplies, inventory, or payment, we are here to help.

Insider Access

Our Business Partners are part of the Chil Wellness family and get insider access to the team, private events, additional discounts, and new products.

Sales Tools

Look the best online and off with ready-to-use brand logos, banners, social posts, and all the tools you need for set-up and success.

Dr. Berry's Testimonial

Clinic Director and Chiropractor

Support Materials for Success

Inventory Starter Kit

If you would like to hold inventory for sale, we have a small display for your waiting area along with information about the products. The inventory starter kit is $299.00, and you receive 3 Aspen’s Relief Salve, 3 Aspen’s Relief Roll-ons, and 4 Sports Recovery Balm Sticks with all the other materials below. We charge 50% of our retail price for the products. You generate a 50% margin on this in-house inventory. This starter inventory kit and display are optional and not required to participate in our program.

If you decide you would like to begin with the inventory starter kit, we offer a risk-free trial period. At the end of 60 days, if you feel the inventory is not right for your office, send back the remaining products and display stand, and we will refund you for each product and stand at the price you paid, no questions asked.

Custom Prescription Pads

We make it easy for you to recommend products to your patients with our customer prescription pads. Put a pad in each patient room and check off the products you would like to recommend, and when the patient purchases and uses your unique tracking code, we can easily track each sale for you. These pads are a big hit with patients.

Patient Room Flyers

Patients can read about the products and through a bar code and automatically receive a discount on their first order plus free shipping. The discount code is easily accessible for you and your patients while you are there with them in the room. We've even added a camera icon on the flyer to remember the discount code later on. The flyer comes in a beautiful acrylic holder with a double-sided adhesive so you can easily place them in every office.

Proud Sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation-Chil Wellness

In partnership with the Arthritis Foundation, we're working to help find relief and discover a cure for the 54 million Americans living with the chronic pain that arthritis brings. Feel good knowing that a portion of every purchase goes back to the Arthritis Foundation.