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Could CBD Put Insomnia To Bed? – A Quick Look At CBD’s Sedative Potential

Sleep may be a natural part of life — but we’re not living in “natural times.” LED lights and smartphone screens constantly bombard our confused circadian rhythm. Even as the sun sets, more people find it difficult to “unplug” and enter nature’s refresh mode: REM sleep.    

A recent Consumer Reports survey found that about 70 percent of Americans have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep at least once per week. Shockingly, about 60 million Americans now have a sleep disorder.  

Thankfully, it appears CBD might help us all catch some much needed zzz’s. Organizations as influential as the American Sleep Association now claim this non-psychoactive substance has potential to help lull us to sleep.

Let’s take a closer look at how CBD might help those struggling with insomnia. After reviewing the latest data, we’ll share a few of our favorite products to help banish bedtime restlessness.

Can CBD “Re-Set” Our Circadian Rhythm? – What Recent Research Says

Although the research into CBD and sleep is limited, there are already a few exciting discoveries. Let’s review two trials that strongly suggest CBD has sedating properties.   

In 2019, researchers at the University of Colorado published a study examining the effects of CBD on anxiety patients. In addition to tracking anxiety scores, researchers asked study participants to describe their sleep quality during this trial.

After one month of taking CBD capsules, over 60 percent of study participants said they were sleeping better. Within this same trial period, about 80 percent of patients noted an improvement in their anxiety levels.

Another study out of the University of New Mexico looked specifically into how cannabis affects insomnia. Please note: this trial involved smoking medical marijuana that contained both CBD and the high-inducing THC. However, all of our products contain no more than 0.3 percent THC.     

In the New Mexico trial, researchers asked hundreds of insomnia patients to rate their sleeplessness between 1 – 10 (with 10 representing the worst possible symptoms). On average, participants had a score in the 6-range before smoking cannabis and the 2-range afterward.  

Although it’s difficult to say how much CBD played a role in this second trial, study authors hypothesize CBD has some sedative properties.

Sleep Tight With CBD

Since studies show that CBD has sedative properties, we worked with our top-notch scientists to develop a few products that target sleep issues specifically. For instance, our Deep Sleep Capsules contain high-quality hemp-derived CBD. To enhance CBD’s effect, we’ve included traces of the sleep hormone melatonin and soothing herbs like chamomile in each of these easy-to-swallow capsules.

For those who can’t stand swallowing pills, we also produce a minty-fresh CBD tincture. All you have to do is place a few drops of our Mellow Mint Tincture under your tongue for a few seconds, swallow, and shut out the lights!

If you’re still on the fence about swallowing a CBD supplement, then you might want to look into our essential oil rollers. Designed with advanced Bio-Nano technology, our essential oil rollers help deliver CBD into your system via your skin. Massage our Good Night Essential Roller across your temples and get ready for a well-deserved rest.  

Before Using CBD For Dreamtime, Get A Doctor’s Approval!  

Before purchasing any of our CBD products for sleep-related complaints, we recommend you speak with a doctor about your sleeping habits. CBD is no replacement for high-quality medical advice. Only your primary care physician will know if it’s okay to add CBD to your nighttime routine.


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