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Pumpkin Pie Without the Aches! – How CBD Can Relieve Your Post-Thanksgiving Swelling

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful — but that can be difficult when your body is swelling all over! Unfortunately for many arthritis patients, that’s exactly what happens after eating a traditional (and trigger-food-filled) Thanksgiving meal.

Thankfully, there’s one ingredient that may help reduce your post-dessert discomfort: CBD! Yes, just a pinch of our Mellow Mint Drops after a meal could ease stuffing-induced swelling. As a bonus, there’s also evidence CBD could help keep those gallons of gravy gliding through your digestive system. 

CBD for Swelling – Could Our Tincture Tame a Turkey Day Flare-Up?

Along with stress relief, people often use CBD to help reduce muscle aches. Many studies have examined CBD’s effectiveness in this area, but perhaps the most interesting took place at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.

For this study, vets gave dogs with osteoarthritis a daily dose of CBD for a few weeks. Compared with dogs in a placebo group, those who received the CBD had greater mobility and decreased joint swelling. Of course, we can’t ask dogs whether they feel any better, but x-rays suggest they were having an easier time jumping, fetching and walking around the park.  

But you don’t have to take CBD internally to experience great results. One of the most famous studies on CBD for arthritis examined CBD topicals on rats with knee arthritis. Researchers at the University of Kentucky found that CBD seemed to reduce joint swelling.        

While these findings are encouraging, keep in mind we’re only in the initial stages of CBD research. Hopefully, as more clinical trials pour in, we’ll have a better understanding of why CBD seems to offer so many benefits.

Until that day arrives, we encourage you to read through our previous blog post on CBD for arthritis. You could also look into our Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-On for convenient CBD relief while you’re on the move.

No Need for a Negroni – CBD Might be a Digestif!  

New research also suggests CBD might have potential as a non-intoxicating “aperitif.” So, in addition to soothing your joints, CBD might tame your turkey-filled tummy!

Get this: a new study out of Canada’s University of Guelph found that CBD might have anti-nausea properties. Researchers believe CBD could exert these unique effects by modulating serotonin transmitters in our brain.

Of course, the added dose of peppermint oil in our Mellow Mint Drops can give your belly a boost after a big meal. For countless years, peppermint has been hailed for its ability to relieve common ailments like gas, bloating, and tummy aches. The combination of all-natural CBD and pure peppermint oil are sure to help keep everything moving after your feast.  

All of our products come from American-grown hemp. We also send our CBD capsules, topicals, and tinctures to third-party labs to ensure the highest quality possible.    

Final Tip: Should You Down CBD Oil Before Digging In?

Now that you know the many ways CBD could enhance your Thanksgiving feast, you may be wondering when to take it. We recommend that you place a dropperful of our Mellow Mint Drops under your tongue during turkey dinner. Scientists at the University of Minnesota recently discovered CBD oil has a higher absorption rate when taken with fatty foods.

Whether you’re having a virtual or in-person celebration this year, we hope our CBD tips help you have an extra “chil” Thanksgiving!


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