Staying Fit While Having To Social Distance

April 23, 2020 Mom Knows Best Article Link

The C lung virus pandemic can make it challenging to maintain a physically active lifestyle

I received samples from Chil to facilitate this post

 Now that my new norm is having to shelter at home and stay away from other people, it has been a challenge to continue my workout routine. I have become creative in working out and getting my daily exercise as I do not want to be infected with the respiratory virus that can make me very sick. I have been getting out early in the morning to go running and have been running on paths that other people are not on. That has been making it easy to stay 6 feet away from others. When I do see someone on the same path that I am on, I make sure to pass them with plenty of distance between us.

 I have never liked to run with others as I use my running time as a thinking or clearing my mind time. I also like to run fast and most people my age could not keep up with me. The virus thing has changed my running routine a little bit as now I am running with my boys. My boys are not attending school so we are training together and I am enjoying their faster than my pace as it is helping me get stronger in my running speed. The boys and I have a fun game that we play when we run, when we see another person, we pretend they are a zombie and we run faster. My boys sure are giving my body a good workout every day which also means that my muscles have become sore. Sore muscles don’t bother me as I have several natural ways to treat muscle pain from exercise.

The best way to treat sore muscles

 My favorite way to treat my achy joints and dull pain is with CBD. I find that my sore muscles get faster relief when I apply a CBD salve directly on the affected muscle and I love that I don’t have to take any over the counter pain medicines that could affect my stomach. I have been a fan of CBD creams for quite some time and I am glad that I discovered Chil Wellness Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve as it combines many of my favorite pain-relief supplements into one ointment. Now, I don’t have to reach for my arnica supplement as this CBD salve has arnica in it as well as medical-grade Magnesium-Sulfate crystals, Boswellia,  and Menthol. This pain relief salve has 1000mg of high-quality Bio-Nano™ Full-Spectrum CBD so I can get moving again with my boys the next day. My personal trainers don’t let me have a day off from running as they are training for a 5K race and want me to enter this race with them. I admit that I like to compete when I run a race and I am determined to place in my age category. Now that I am over 50, it might be easier to get 1st place in my age category. I have not entered a 5K race in a long time as I had some running injuries 5 years ago. Before my sports injuries, I did well in races and I won 2nd place in my age category.

No virus or age is going to keep me from running

 I have learned over the years on how to avoid injuries while exercising and I have not had any running injuries since 2016. I have learned how to listen to my body and know when I need to take a break from fitness or when a CBD muscle cream will help my muscles recover. I bet you have asked yourself, is it ok to workout when I am sick? I say yes, it is ok to workout when you are sick unless you have certain cold symptoms. Exercise is good for your body and immune system so during this virus thing make sure to exercise every day. I know that my daily exercise keeps my mind and mood happy so I am better able to cope with staying at home with my wild noisy boys.

 I also have been working hard on strengthing my muscles and I am proud that I can beat my younger boys in a pushup competition. My college kid is home and he again is inspiring me to continue to lift weights. Last July, the last time he was home for a school break, he inspired me at the local gym and gave me weight lifting tips. You have to see the before and after photos of my six-month fitness update to a stronger body. Even I was amazed at how strong my muscles were. So I am making good use of my quarantine time at home and using kettlebells and a rock-filled detergent bottle to continue my lifting of weights. My son has shown me new ways to strengthen my muscles and I am glad that I have a 100% organic American hemp salve that I can apply to my arms after I exercise. I am not going to let sore muscles or age get in the way of stronger muscles. I just turned 55 and I am determined to get a stronger body during this self-isolation. My new motto has been summer bodies are made in self-quarantine.

CBD gives me energy and hydration

 Now that the weather is finally getting warmer, it is important to stay hydrated while staying fit. It is a good thing to drink plenty of water before and after you exercise. Check out my hydration tips while exercising to make sure you are staying hydrated. When it is hot outside, your body may need more than water to stay properly hydrated so drinking a drink with electrolytes will help. I find that I am able to perform better when I drink a hydration drink before and after I run. That way my body gets the right balance of Water, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and Glucose. I am enjoying a lemon CBD hydration drink mix from Chil Wellness and I love that it is low in sugar. I find that the CBD helps my mind so I can focus better on my writing.

 Some people may be against energy drinks but I like consuming a natural energy drink before I run as the caffeine helps me get going in the morning. My body performs better with a small amount of caffeine and I never have the jitters or crash when I consume a natural energy drink like this delicious watermelon one with CBD [from Chil Wellness]. The CBD helps my mind so I can use my running time to compose my next article. My running time is also my thinking time and can compose a whole fitness article while I run. Now if I can just find a way to record my thoughts onto my computer while I run, then I could get so much more accomplished.