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Energy Drink Mix

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Don’t have the energy for your workout? Tired of that daily 3 p.m. crash at work? This mix gives you the natural energy you need with the added mental and physical benefits of CBD to help you always be your energetic best. It’s formulated with 7.5mg of CBD, 30mg of green tea, 125mg of caffeine with a light watermelon flavor to provide a refreshing taste.

How To Use

Mix 1 packet in 8-10 oz of water, stir and chil! Recommended use is no more than 2-3 packets per day.

All our products are tested for purity, safety, and cannabinoid content, ensuring you enjoy their benefits. Please find our latest lab test results here.

Get the energy you need & elevate your game

According to American Family Physician, 1 out of 5 Americans report a level of daytime sleepiness sufficient to interfere with their daily activities. Now you can thrive throughout your work day or workouts without the crash like you would with other energy drink products. Synthesized caffeine can give you the jitters with a big crash. That’s why we use a balance of organic caffeine from both green coffee beans and green tea extracts. No jitters and no crash.


We Take Ingredients Seriously!

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Common Questions

CBD in low doses can act as a stimulant. In this case, CBD is used to promote all-around wellness and focus to help you master the day.
We recommend that you do not drink caffeinated beverages after 1pm. The half life of caffeine is approximately 5 hours. It’s recommended that you eliminate as much caffeine from your system prior to bed as possible.
Our energy formula is all-natural. Other energy options typically contain insane amounts of sugar, additives, or are chalked full of artificial ingredients that cause jitters and a crash. That’s why we use a simple balance of organic caffeine from green coffee beans and green tea extracts. You get the right kind of energy to win the day.
Yes, we third-party test every batch. You can view the Certificate of Analysis (COA) on every product online or use the barcode on each box to verify our testing. You’ll always know what you’re putting in your body. And we have a 30-day – no questions asked – money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
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Each stick pack contains 125 mg Organic Caffeine, 7.5 mg broad spectrum hemp CBD, non-GMO dextrose, cane sugar, gum acacia, sodium citrate, citric acid, natural flavor, stevia extract, sunflower lecithin, vegetable juice color

Net Weight

45g / 1.59oz


Full spectrum hemp CBD

Why Chil Energy + CBD?

According to American Family Physician, 1 out of 5 Americans report a level of daytime sleepiness sufficient to interfere with their daily activities.  They go about their day feeling tired and unfocused as a result.  Chil Energy with CBD balances 125 mg of organic green coffee caffeine with 45 mg of green tea catechins and 7.5 mg of the highest quality CBD to more effectively and evenly energize your mind and body.  Whether you are looking to energize your mornings, your workouts or just want to perform better at work, Chil Energy with CBD gives you a pure natural boost… without the jitters or the crash.


Other energy boosting alternatives typically give you the jitters at first, then a crash. Why? Because they often contain insane amounts of sugar, additives and are full of hard-to-pronounce chemicals.  Chil Energy with CBD is an all-natural solution with NO artificial colors, flavors or additives.


When it comes to energy, caffeine is king.  But not all caffeine is created equal.  Synthesized caffeine can give you the jitters with a big crash.  That’s why we use a balance of organic caffeine from both green coffee beans and green tea extracts.

Green Coffee Caffeine
Our green coffee caffeine is certified organic.  We only purchase from social and environmentally responsible sources that are sustainable and fully traceable.

Green Tea Catechins
Catechins are natural phenols and powerful antioxidants.

As for the ability to energize, a scientific analysis published in Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition examined the effect of Catechins on sports performance. Researchers found that catechins helped to increased oxygen levels in muscles, helping to support intense exercises and endurance. Research demonstrates that green tea Catechins may help you work out harder and longer with more energy.

30 Days Guarantee

If you use a product and are not satisfied, simply send us back the unused portion and we will issue you a refund!

Stacey Smith-Vince
Stacey Smith-Vince
Licensed Physical Therapist
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This drink mix is unmatched against the other pre-workouts on the market. I love recommending this to my clients because I know it’s created with extremely clean ingredients. It also doesn’t make you jittery, and everyone I’ve recommended it too has raved about it!

4 reviews for Energy Drink Mix

  1. Barry S

    A friend gave this to me as a gift and I loved it. I purchased another one today. I really like the way it gives me a little boost but keeps my head clear and focused.

  2. Cyrus N

    This is really great. I don’t energy drinks any more because I just crash after. This was a mellow lift where I can still focus and then it just disappears. I don’t know if it’s because of the CBD in it but it really doesn’t give me the jitters or a crash. I love that it’s all natural.

  3. T. Noutsos

    I work out at my lunch break three times a week. When I take the energy powder it helps me get through the workout. It’s a very smooth energy feel and I think I am more focused.

  4. J. Jenkins

    About half way through the workday I start to get a little tired. I use the energy powder to get me though. I love that it really doesn’t make me have the jitters.

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