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Relief Essential Oil Roller

(5 customer reviews)


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Our portable Relief Essential Oil roller can help support stiff muscles and joints on the go.  A potent combination of 300mg of organic Bio-Nano™ full-spectrum CBD extract along with a healing blend of essential oils to soothe your body and keep you moving.  Fast-acting, easy to apply and no sticky feeling.  

How To Use

Roll on affected areas as needed 3-5 times a day.

All our products are tested for purity, safety, and cannabinoid content, ensuring you enjoy their benefits. Please find our latest lab test results here.

Soothe your body & find relief!

Portable, effective, and relieving. The Relief Essential Oil Roller is perfect for those who experience mild-discomfort in their muscles and joints. Experience near instant relief with this essential oil roller’s no-mess application. Have it readily available for work, or in your golf or gym bag as it’s small enough to hold in the palm of your hand!


We Take Ingredients Seriously!

Restoring health and joy through alternative, all-natural solutions

Proud Sponsor of the Arthritis Foundation-Chil Wellness

Together with the Arthritis Foundation, we're working to find relief and discover a cure for the 54 million Americans living with the chronic, debilitating pain that arthritis brings.

Common Questions

How long with this bottle last?

A bottle typically lasts for one or two months depending on how often you apply. When applying the oil two times a day, it will typically last two months.

Can this be applied multiple times a day?

Yes, you may apply the roller as many times as you need relief throughout the day.

What is Bio-Nano™ CBD?

Our Bio-Nano™ technology creates CBD molecules as small as 125nm in size, which is 700 times smaller than the width of a human hair. This unique technology allows for more advanced formulas to help the CBD penetrate deeper into your skin.

Are your products tested?

Yes, we third-party test every batch. You can view the Certificate of Analysis (COA) on every product online or use the barcode on each box to verify our testing. You’ll always know what you’re putting in your body. And we have a 30-day – no questions asked – money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
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Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, MCT Coconut oil, Organic Full-Spectrum hemp CBD, Mentha Arvensis (Menthol), mentha arvensis leaf oil, mentha virdis (spearmint) leaf oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) leaf oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) bud oil, Vanilla planifolia

Net Weight

10mL / 0.34 fl oz


Full spectrum hemp CBD

Chil “Relief” Oil Roller

Find what your body craves with Chil’s Relief Essential Oil Roller!  Our roller combines the natural power of 300mg of Full Spectrum CBD along with peppermint and other soothing essential oils to help sore muscles and stiff joints. This fast-acting no-mess application is convenient and portable for everyday use with an incredibly invigorating vanilla mint scent. Tuck it in your gym bag or throw it in your purse to have the power of CBD at your fingertips anytime you desire.

Bio-Nano™ technology

Our Bio-Nano™ technology creates CBD molecules as small as 125nm in size, which is 700 times smaller than the width of a human hair. This unique technology allows for more advanced formulas to help the CBD penetrate deeper into your skin.

Real Essential Oils

We use only real essential oils that are steam distilled from plants and flowers, and extracted or cold pressed from citrus fruits. Each essential oil contains hundreds of antibacterial, anti-viral natural constituents that are easily absorbed through the skin.

Our Farm

We source our organic hemp from McCulloch Farm in Washington County, Oregon. It’s a family owed farm that practices sustainable farming and has never used pesticides in the growing and production of their plant material. All plant material comes with a full compliance test by an accredited and licensed laboratory.  Quality control and safety are top priorities at every step of the way – so we are fortunate to have such a superior partner.

Disclaimer: Chill Wellness has not verified or confirmed any of the information or claims appearing on third-party websites.
Chil 60-day Money-back Guarantee

If you use a product and are not satisfied, simply send us back the unused portion and we will issue you a refund!

Relief Essential Oil Roller

Susanne Davis

Product Performance Specialist

Who would have thought that such a tiny bottle can help out my sore muscles so well! I love taking this oil roller with me on bike rides because I can just quickly pull it out of my pack and swipe it on my painful areas. There’s so much CBD in this product too, and that really helps with my aches!

5 reviews for Relief Essential Oil Roller

  1. Drew G

    Really great for small aches and pains. Small so I can carry it anywhere.

  2. David B

    I have tried a few others and they worked ok but I read a review and purchased. I am buying another because my Mother, who’s neck hurts, used mine and fell in love with it. She carries it everywhere. It would be nice to get a discount for loyal customers.

  3. Carla A

    I really like this because it is easy to carry with me in my gym bag and purse. I even use it at work. It’s convenient relief and a great price compared to others with less CBD.

  4. Alana H

    This roller smells amazing. I use it on my hands and knees and it really does the trick.

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