“The Cannabidiol Countdown” – How Long Does It Take To Feel CBD’s Effects?

In our era of instant gratification, it’s understandable some people have unrealistic expectations about how fast CBD works. Yes, CBD is pretty remarkable, but it doesn’t work instantaneously. Like with any other supplement, our bodies need time to properly process CBD.      

So, how long does it take for cannabidiol to “kick in?” Unfortunately, we can’t give a precise answer. Like we explained in previous blog posts, multiple factors influence how we absorb CBD.

Although CBD affects everyone differently, there are a few general rules of CBD absorbability. Before we get into “when” you should feel CBD, however, let’s quickly go over “what” you should feel when taking one of our products.

What CBD Sensations Should You Be Looking For?

It’s crucial to remember that CBD is non-psychoactive (i.e., it won’t make you “high”). If you think you’re going to feel “dazed and confused” after taking one of our CBD products, then you’re going in with the wrong expectations.      

Generally, CBD has a gentle, non-intoxicating effect on the central nervous system. Although everyone describes their experience with CBD differently, most people report a sense of mental clarity and calmness. You might also feel a bit of sedation depending on what product you’re using.

Please keep a lookout for these subtle effects when tracking how CBD affects you.

When Should You Start To Feel CBD? – A Look At Three Popular Products

Even though CBD has a uniform chemical structure, not every CBD product has the same effect on users. Interestingly, the product you use plays a crucial role in determining how long it takes for CBD to affect you.     

Let’s take a quick peek at the average absorption rates of three of our best-selling CBD goods.

CBD Drops – The Swift Sublingual Method 

Drops, or tinctures, are reputed to be one of the most bioavailable forms of CBD on the market. Reason being: There are two glands under your tongue that can absorb supplements directly into your bloodstream. If you hold a CBD tincture on these “sublingual glands” before swallowing, you might feel CBD’s effects within only 15 – 30 minutes.    

Unfortunately, many customers shy away from CBD drops or tinctures because these products often taste harsh and “grassy.” To eliminate this common problem, we created our potent Mellow Mint Drops with a refreshing dose of peppermint essential oil. We promise, your mucous membranes won’t mind our minty concoction as you down a dropperful of CBD!  

CBD Capsules – Subtle & Sustained 

CBD capsules often get a bad rap in the absorbability department because they have to go through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. Most likely, you won’t feel the effects of a CBD capsule for thirty minutes to an hour after swallowing it.  

However, there is a simple way you could boost the absorbability of these capsules: take them with meals. Research from the University of Minnesota suggested that people who took CBD with a high-fat meal had a four-times higher absorption rate than those who swallowed CBD on an empty stomach.    

Although CBD capsules are known to have less bioavailability than CBD delivered sublingually, remember that our Deep Sleep Capsules also include many supporting herbs in its formula. In addition to our family-farmed, hemp-derived CBD, these tablets have significant traces of melatonin, chamomile, and valerian root to help intensify CBD’s sedative potential

CBD Balms – How Much Could Our Skin Absorb? 

It seems like scientists are learning something new about the endocannabinoid system every day. One of the most shocking recent findings is that we might have cannabinoid receptors on our skin.

CBD can attach to those receptors to help give you relief to relax sore muscles and stiff joints.  These receptors aren’t as sensitive as those in our central nervous system. So, if you’re going to use a CBD balm or salve, it might take up to an hour for the CBD to feel the effect. Of course, the more cream you place on your skin, the better chance you will have a faster effect.

FYI: We now use an exclusive Bio-Nano technology in all of our CBD topicals. This incredible technology breaks CBD molecules to ridiculously small sizes, making them more easily able to slip through your pores. Be sure to check out Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve if you want to experience our most potent CBD topical.   

Don’t Forget To Go With High-Quality CBD! 

There’s a lot we still don’t understand about CBD absorption, but one thing’s for sure: you won’t get any use out of an inferior CBD product. At Chil Wellness, we only use the highest quality American-grown hemp in our CBD goods. We also send all of our oils, balms, and supplements for third-party lab screenings to ensure you’re never exposed to above 0.3 percent THC.If you’re still not feeling the effects of your CBD product, we encourage you to read through our handy troubleshooting guide. You could also contact us here.

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