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Three Stellar Secondary Ingredients That Support Our CBD Salves-Chil Wellness Blog

Three Stellar Secondary Ingredients That Support Our CBD Salves

It’s no secret that CBD is the star ingredient in our product lineup. However, that doesn’t mean our “secondary ingredients” aren’t superstars in their own right!

Many of the high-quality herbs, roots, and essential oils we use in our products have a ton of scientific research that supports their healing potential. We also believe these compounds play a significant role in bringing out the best in our hemp-derived CBD.

We want to shine a spotlight on a few of the “supporting players” in some of our most popular products.

Three High-Quality Compounds In Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve

The Might Of Medical Grade Magnesium Sulfate

Chances are you’ve seen a bag of magnesium sulfate before without even knowing it. That’s because most low grade magnesium sulfate is most often branded as good ol’ Epsom salt! Ever since this mineral-rich salt was discovered in the UK, people have been taking Epsom salt baths and applying Epsom salt creams to relieve muscle and joint discomfort. But is there any science to back it up?

A recent study out of Taipei examined the effects of magnesium sulfate on a group of mice with knee osteoarthritis. Interestingly, the rats that received regular magnesium treatments had less swelling in their affected knee. Study authors also suggested these magnesium injections might reduce the discomfort associated with osteoarthritis.

On top of this data, a recent survey conducted by the University of Minnesota suggested Americans with low magnesium levels have a higher risk of developing knee osteoarthritis. A coincidence? Probably not. Researchers also pointed out that people who didn’t get enough magnesium in their diets seemed to have more instances with discomfort.

Because magnesium plays a central role in our nervous system and helping contract and relax muscles and thus our joints, we include a generous dose of medical grade magnesium sulfate in Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve. A few minutes after applying our salve onto your joints, we bet you’ll feel like you just stepped out of a refreshing Epsom salt bath!  

Boswellia Serrata – A Wise Man’s Herb , Indeed!

Boswellia serrata is another traditional remedy you probably recognize by a different name: “frankincense.” Yes, this is the same herb famously associated with one of the Biblical wise men. Scientists are only beginning to understand what ancient civilizations knew long ago: this sap zaps aches!

For instance, a recent Indian study examined the healing qualities of Boswellia serrata on middle-aged participants. According to this research, Boswellia serrata had significant healing properties compared with a placebo. Another placebo-controlled study released by Sami Labs Limited suggested that Boswellia serrata could reduce aches and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.  

Although we don’t know how Boswellia serrata works, it appears to have many potent healing compounds. Recent research out of India suggests an acid known as acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic plays a vital role in reducing aches and discomfort markers. Hopefully, more trials will uncover the secrets of this potent herbal remedy.    

Every European’s Favorite Flower – Arnica Montana

Like Boswellia serrata, Arnica montana is an herb that’s been used for centuries to help manage aches and discomfort. Although Arnica montana might not be well-known in the USA, it remains one of the most popular medicinal herbs sold throughout Europe. Scientists are only beginning to study this folk cure, but the little research we have is encouraging.  

For instance, there are now at least two placebo-controlled trials that suggest Arnica montana might reduce leg swelling and discomfort in patients with edema. There’s also one placebo-controlled study out of Switzerland that suggested an Arnica montana gel might be a safe and effective treatment for knee arthritis.

To help athletes recover from grueling workouts, our team of scientists decided to add significant traces of Arnica montana to our Sport Muscle Recovery Balm. If you frequently go to the gym, you’ve got to give this easy-to-use roller a try. Find out more info on our Sports Muscle Recovery Balm here.   

Need Fast Relief? Try Our Maximum Relief Roll-On

While you could find all of the above ingredients in Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve, we understand many customers need relief on the go.  If you’re always on the move, we recommend looking into our Maximum Relief Roll-On. Everything in this roll-on formula is the same as our salve — but in a convenient, travel-sized roller!

Be sure to check out this link for more details on our Maximum Relief Roll-On.      




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