Why is CBD So Expensive?

People often ask the question,  “why is CBD so expensive?”  But…is it really?  A wide range of CBD products are available to the public and can be found just about anywhere — gas stations, mall kiosks, grocery stores, etc.  Generally, we can put CBD products into 3 categories: ingestibles, topicals and vapes. Each category may contain varying amounts of actual CBD inside of it. Many factors can affect the price and quality of the final CBD product.  Here I will explain why one bottle of CBD oil may sell for $50 and the next bottle of the same size and appearance sells for $120 or more.

Factor 1 – Extracting the CBD Oil from the Hemp Plant   

Extracting CBD oil from the hemp plant is incredibly labor intensive and can even be dangerous for a non-skilled lab technician. Once the oil has been extracted, it is usually then distilled for greater purity. This is perhaps the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of CBD production.

Factor 2 – Quantity of the CBD

Let’s come back to the question: How can one bottle of CBD sell for $50 and the same size bottle sell for $120? Pricing is greatly affected by the quantity or concentration of CBD in the product you choose.

Let me give you an example: one brand, let’s call them Brand A, sells a 50 milligram bottle of CBD oil for $50 dollars. At the other end of the spectrum, another brand, we’ll call them Brand B, sells a bottle of similar size and appearance for $120. The difference is the actual percentage of CBD in the bottle. For the $120 bottle with Brand B, you’re really getting 1500 milligrams, instead of just the 50 milligrams you get with Brand A. In this case, the math is easy. The 50-milligram bottle costs $1 per milligram, while the $120 bottle comes in at a mere .08 cents per milligram. Which one would you buy?

Factor 2 – Quality of the CBD

Everybody talks a big game about quality, but what’s the real secret here? Within the industry, USA home-grown CBD is deemed to be of much better quality than imported hemp.  Cheap imported hemp can contain high levels of heavy metals derived from the soil it was grown in. A good CBD product will come from plants grown organically in the U.S. To the extent one brand may be significantly higher priced than another, check the source of the raw material used in its production.

The use of science, like Nano-Technology, in many products also adds to the cost of production but not without benefit. Similarly, our Bio-Nano™ technology creates CBD molecules as small as 125nm in size, which is 700 times smaller than the width of a human hair. This unique technology allows for more advanced formulas to help the CBD become more bio-available when ingested, and better able to penetrate deeper into your skin. By increasing the bio-absorbability you can help increase the effectiveness of the product — at no extra cost to you!

Factor 4 – Other Ingredients

As is the case with many CBD-based products, other ingredients are often added to a formulation to enhance the effectiveness of the CBD product.  Some of these other ingredients may include Melatonin, Magnesium Sulfate, Boswelia, Arnica, Essential oils, Flavorings and others.  

All of these ingredients, and the quality associated with them, add to the cost but serve to increase your chances of achieving the desired effect.  So while the process of combining these ingredients in the right proportion may add cost to your CBD product of choice, it will usually deliver a much higher quality.

When you make the decision to use CBDs, consider these four things when making your purchase.

  1. The extraction cost of CBD,
  2. The cost per milligram of CBD,
  3. The origin and the quality of the raw materials used, and most importantly
  4. Does the product come with a no-questions-asked return policy?  

Follow these four steps and you’ll soon discover why CBD may not be as expensive as you think.  Our goal at Chil Wellness is to deliver you a product that works at a quality you actually feel.

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