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Work Hard, Recover Faster– Could CBD Soothe Post-Workout Strains?

Everyone has heard the expression “no pain, no gain,” but is that true? Of course, you won’t get big without tearing down muscle cells, but that doesn’t mean inflammation is an athlete’s best friend. You might even have first-hand experience of how post-workout injuries could mess up your training schedule.

So how can athletes safely minimize the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (aka DOMS)? Although therapies like massages and ice packs have their place, CBD supplements might give today’s athletes a competitive edge. In fact, dozens of pro athletes now admit to regularly using CBD to help recover after grueling workouts.

Is CBD something you should add to your recovery regimen? Keep reading to find out more about how cannabidiol might erase your aches and pains.

CBD Versus Athlete’s Aches – What Do The Studies Suggest?

At this point, there’s still a great deal we don’t know about CBD’s effectiveness for muscle recovery. However, in a previous blog post, we discussed how many recent studies suggest CBD has anti-inflammatory potential. For instance, researchers at the University of Kentucky discovered rats with knee arthritis had lower inflammation after receiving a CBD topical treatment.  

Amazingly, it appears we all have cannabinoid receptors on our skin that could absorb compounds like CBD. This means athletes could rub CBD directly into their muscles to potentially help with swelling. In theory, this anti-inflammatory effect should speed up recovery from sports-related injuries.

To help athletes take full advantage of CBD, we’ve put together a one-of-a-kind sports recovery balm that combines CBD’s benefits with supporting compounds like cooling menthol and relaxing ylang-ylang. Plus, all of our CBD balms are made with advanced Bio-Nano technology, which allows CBD molecules to penetrate even deeper into your skin.

For more info on our CBD sports recovery balm, please click this link.

Beyond Inflammation – Could CBD Change Pain Processing?

Although CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential is impressive, you might be wondering whether CBD could make you feel better after a day at the gym. Interestingly, a few recent studies suggest CBD might diminish common pains after high-intensity workouts.   

For instance, a recent study published in the International Journal of Physical Education, Sports, and Health investigated how CBD affected DOMS. Twenty-three athletes underwent a strenuous exercise regimen and were then split into three groups. The first group took a mixture of CBD and MCT oil, while the second group only got MCT oil. People in the third group did not receive any supplements.

Researchers tracked each participant’s muscle complaints up to 96 hours following the exercise routine. Interestingly, people who took CBD experienced the most considerable reduction in muscle soreness. These results led study authors to suggest CBD could have a significant effect on alleviating pains associated with workouts.    

There’s also preliminary research from the University of Milan that suggests CBD might help diminish the intensity of pain signaling. According to the study authors, CBD seemed to activate a special receptor called “TRPV1” that appeared to have pain-relieving qualities in rats.  

And if all that info wasn’t enough for you, Pharmacological Research recently published an intriguing paper that advocated the use of CBD to help athletes manage pain and recover from “mild traumatic brain injury.” Although this paper wasn’t a formal study, it’s encouraging that many prominent European academics support CBD use.

Get Max Muscle Relief With Aspen’s CBD Salve

If you’re looking for our most potent CBD recovery balm, then we suggest starting with Aspen’s Max Relief Salve. With 1,000 mg hemp-derived CBD per bottle, this salve means serious business! Add in traces of equally potent compounds like Boswellia, menthol, and magnesium sulfate, and you could understand why Aspen’s Salve is such a powerful product.

To learn more about the inspiring story behind Aspen’s CBD Salve, be sure to check out the video on this page.


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