Got Stay-at-Home Stress? Add CBD Into Your Schedule!

The content of this article was updated from its original date of 4/22/2021


Although COVID-19 vaccines are here, the work-from-home trend doesn’t seem to be going away. Multiple Remote Work Surveys suggest most employees enjoy this new work model, and employers are taking notice. Many companies are now opting for a hybrid model, which includes both in-office and at-home work. 


Work-from-home employees are complaining more about a lack of routine and increased distractions than ever. Some surveys also suggest stay-at-home employees feel extra pressure to work longer hours.  


Moreover, in addition to performing their motherly duties, many moms are finding themselves working from home — which can leave them feeling even more stressed and tired. On top of that, whether it be their kids’ school drama or spouse’s work issues, moms are typically given the responsibility of helping their families deal with stress as well. Between balancing mom-life, long work hours and finding time to relax, this new work-from-home model can take a toll on one's well-being.  


If you’re struggling to settle into the stay-at-home economy, then you might want to add some CBD to your schedule. While CBD isn’t a panacea, it can provide you with a natural boost in mental clarity and calm. Below are a few of CBD’s natural health benefits that at-home moms and husbands can use to their advantage. 


Overcome Your “At-Home Angst” — Using CBD For Work Stress 


Zap Your Zoom Anxiety with a Fast CBD Break 


Moms are here to help their families thrive, and typically, working moms are more stressed than men are in the workplace. According to one study, the number of women experiencing work-related stress is 50 percent higher than for men. 


The added stress of Zoom calls has made work-from-home life even more of a pain. Zoom calls can be particularly stressful for working moms, as they might struggle with their kids or home deliveries in the background. Throw in a spouse on a Zoom call at the same time in one crammed home and you have a recipe for stress for the entire family.


If you or your husband are struggling to feel relaxed before a Zoom call, we’d recommend scheduling a few minutes to chill and find your quiet place before each of your meetings. One of our favorites is our Mint CBD Drops. Our expertly crafted blend of peppermint oil and full-spectrum CBD will help soothe your mind without making you groggy. Try taking a few drops before your next call to feel extra relaxed.  


For more tips on relaxing throughout the day, take a look at this blog about Stress & Anxiety 


Relieve Those Rolled Shoulders — CBD for Relief Where it’s Needed Most


One of the side-effects of spending so much time slumped over our devices is achy muscles. Even before stay-at-home orders went into effect, back complaints were the top cause for work-related disability.  


In today’s work-from-home model, studies show that many people, but especially women, have sore backs after a long day. Maybe it’s the kids we carried around in our stomachs for nine months that makes our back more susceptible to aches?  Even chiropractors have started noticing a dramatic uptick in people struggling with back, neck, and hip issues.  If you’re working from the couch or kitchen counter rather than a proper office setup, you may find that your neck, back or hips start to hurt more often. 


While regular stretching and exercise are crucial for long-term relief, CBD could also lend a helping hand. One of the main reasons we created CBD Roll-On was to help people struggling with achy joints. In addition to the healing power of CBD, this convenient roller has herbs like Boswellia serrata and Arnica montana, both of which have been used for centuries to relieve common joint and muscle complaints. 


Thankfully, not only moms can benefit from these natural healing ingredients. Share Aspen’s Roll-On with your spouse and witness their mood improve as the aches in their muscles melt away.  In this case, happy husband, happy life.  


If you’d like to learn more about how to relieve your everyday pain, check out this blog about Aches and Pain.


CBD for a Restful Sleep — The Benefits of CBD After Work 


Work-related pain can affect every aspect of your life, including your mental well-being and sleep schedule. Nowadays, it’s hard not to carry work stress back home...because your office is your home! This blurred line between work and home life has undoubtedly put a strain on many employees’ sleep cycles.  


Recent Study on Insomnia and Women has shown that women are more likely to suffer from sleep issues than men. With everything moms must juggle each day alongside work, this stress can negatively impact their circadian rhythms. And while moms are always looking out for their family’s well-being, it’s important for them to also focus on their own sleep schedule.


If you’re struggling to slip into a deep slumber, you may want to give our CBD Capsules for Sleep a try before bed. Each of these CBD-powered pills has traces of all-natural ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, and valerian root. Have a partner that also has a tough time falling & staying asleep? Have them try a Deep Sleep Capsule with you before bed. Next thing you know, you’ll both get to feel what it’s like to get a decent night’s rest.


For the best results, take these Deep Sleep Capsules about 40 minutes to one hour before you plan to sleep. Also, please keep in mind it usually takes about one week to feel the full effects of these capsules. 


Be sure to read this blog All About Sleep for more tips on dealing with sleep issues.


Pro Tip: Stop Stress Snacking with Our CBD Tincture! 


When you’re working from home and balancing family life, the temptation to snack can be overwhelming. It’s undeniable: there has been rapid rise in stay-at-home stress snacking. Moms may even be seeing their families stress eating along with them! 


While an occasional bowl of chips is fine, it can be difficult to moderate your munchies — not to mention your family’s — while at home. Thankfully, CBD has been found to help manage stress, so you can better manage your bing stress eating. 


If you’re having trouble controlling your snack cravings, we’d recommend trying a dropperful of our CBD Drops.

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