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Natural radiance is a practice, not a product



We spend thousands to replicate it. Blush. Powder. Spray-on tans. Rub-on tans. Layers of foundation.


We’re working too hard. The real secret to that glowing, radiant look is far simpler. It’s the feeling you have when you are at optimum health.


Optimum health is how your mind and body feel when you take a long walk down the beach at sunset. When you run your first 5K. When you get a fantastic massage, play with your kids in a sunny spot or walk your dog on a perfect spring day.


Optimum health does not just mean physical health. It means our minds are healthy too – relaxed, stress-free, well-rested, calm. For some, that’s almost harder than working out!


Yes, we would all love to be Olympic athletes, perfectly toned and buffed. But optimum health also means not stressing. So practice healthy behaviors that fit your life. If all you can do is walk the dog every day – but you’re stopping to literally smell the daisies in the process – that’s pretty optimal!


The good news is that there are a few simple practices you can put in place right now that will help you achieve natural radiance – that glow that comes from whole-body wellness.


Here are just three to get you started:


21 days to glory


Choose a healthy habit – any habit – and stick to it for 21 days. That’s the magic number many experts say is necessary to break a bad habit or form a good one. Maybe you’re eating too many unhealthy chips and salty snacks. Commit instead to substituting crunchy fresh veggies instead, maybe with a garlicky side of hummus. Or crunch on pistachios, cashews and other delicious nuts – which are appetite suppressing as well.


If sweets are your downfall, spring instead for apple slices and peanut butter, strawberries and yogurt, a frozen banana smoothie mixed with superfood blueberries – yum!


Notice how you feel as you go along. Does your body feel less weighed down now that your meals aren’t as heavy? Do you have more energy after a meal? Are you starting to crave tastes and flavors that you might not have desired before? Savor the changes.


Whatever you do – start small. Small victories make larger changes seem possible. Substituting that daily bag of chips might be the first step in a whole, new, healthy you.


Exercise means many things


Hate the gym? You’re not alone. Many people think exercise equates to an hour or more at the gym every day. That can get monotonous – and even impossible, given our busy schedules.


So try thinking about exercise in a different way. It’s not a tedious obligation that you need to fulfill, it’s a way to bring excitement, adventure and new people into your life!


Exercise can be as simple as getting a dog that will bring you joy and get you out on a different walk each day. Or it might mean trying a new yoga or mindfulness class every weekend. Or committing to a weekly hike in a different spot, so that you have new and interesting vistas to look forward to.


Mind your mindfulness


Mindfulness is a buzzword, but what does it mean? In plain language, it means being fully present, aware of who we are and what we’re doing, and not feeling overwhelmed by what’s happening around us.


For the many of us who juggle demanding jobs, family life, and more, this is easier said than done!


Quieting the ‘monkey mind’ takes practice, and that practice can feel indulgent when we have so much on our plate. As a result, many of us give up in frustration.


Yet mindfulness practices – such as breathing techniques, quiet-space meditation, and grateful attention to the now – have proven health benefits. Studies have shown such practices reduce anxiety, heighten empathy, reduce fatigue, even help with depression. People who practice mindfulness regularly tend to feel happier, calmer, more at peace. And it shows in their energy and natural glow.


There are ways to accelerate our path into mindfulness. Just a drop of Chil’s Mellow Mint Tincture under the tongue once a day delivers a powerful dose of minty, full-spectrum CBD to the brain and body, quieting invasive thoughts and centering our awareness. Think of it as the wiring that will help you build a healthy mind-body connection, and in the process, a new and radiant you.


What makes you glow? Tell us in the comments below.

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