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Smaller Size, Bigger Impact – How Nanotech Might Boost CBD Absorption

When you hear the word “nanotechnology,” chances are you’re thinking of something high-tech like robots or computer chips. Although nanotech plays a significant role in these fields, it’s also reshaping how we think about supplements like CBD. In fact, many scientists are interested in using nanotechnology to enhance CBD’s effectiveness. Although CBD nanotechnology is only in its early stages, it already shows great promise. Below, we’ll share a few of the initial findings related to nanotechnology in CBD and explain how we use this recent innovation to supercharge our products.


How Could Our Skin Absorb CBD?


To better understand CBD absorption, let’s take a look at the endocannabinoid system (ECS). First discovered in the 20th century, the ECS is an intricate bodily system that promotes a sense of internal balance. Our bodies have natural cannabinoid receptors that influence our sleeping patterns, appetite, and mood. Although our bodies naturally produce certain cannabinoids (aka endocannabinoids), hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD could also influence the ECS. This might explain why CBD has such a profound impact on multiple bodily functions. While most of the cannabinoid receptor sites are in our central nervous system, new research shows the ECS extends to our skin. As strange as it may sound, it appears we can absorb cannabinoids like CBD into our pores. Since CBD shows great potential as an anti-inflammatory agent, it might play a role in calming down overactive nerves in the joints and muscles, thus resulting in pain relief. To take full advantage of our skin’s endocannabinoid receptor sites, we use proprietary Bio-Nano™ technology. Using the latest research on CBD nanotechnology, our Bio-Nano™ salves contain CBD molecules that are up to 700-times smaller than the width of just one strand of hair. At these ridiculously small sizes, it’s incredibly easy for our CBD to enter the skin’s pores and provide potent relief. We encourage any athletes reading this post to give our nanotech-enhanced Sport Muscle Recovery Balm a try. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your rival team about this CBD secret!


Absorption vs. Penetration – There Is A Difference!


It’s important to note that we only mentioned CBD “absorption” in the above section. We want our customers to understand that even Bio-Nano™ CBD cannot penetrate the skin layer and enter the bloodstream. So, when you’re applying a CBD salve to your skin, it’s going directly to the cannabinoid receptors, but no further. Scientists haven’t created a way to make CBD molecules that are small enough to penetrate the skin — yet. However, the smaller CBD molecules are, the easier it is for your skin’s endocannabinoid receptors to absorb more CBD. Using advanced technology like Bio-Nano™ helps dramatically increase CBD absorption, which could lead to more potent localized relief.


Give Yourself A “Bio-Nano Boost” With Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve


Although nanotechnology in CBD is at the cutting edge, you don’t have to wait decades to give it a try. Customers will be happy to know that all of our topical products are made with the powerful Bio-Nano™ technology. For the most potent relief, we recommend trying our signature Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve. In addition to 1000 mg of Bio-Nano™ CBD, this trademark salve has high traces of healing herbs like Boswellia Serrata, Arnica Montana, and menthol. Find out how Aspen’s Maximum Relief Salve could help your aches and pains on this link.
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